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Surilee Daawat

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Ala-ala matwala barfi
Paanv pada mota chhala barfi
Raaton ka hai ye ujala barfi

Whenever I hear this Bollywood song, it transcends me to the time when I was a kid and my father used to get this Cashew Barfi or Kaju Barfi on the 10th day of every month when he used to get his salary. After years later, when this song was introduced in the movie Barfi it connected me to the long-lost memories of my childhood. I hope many of you will relate to this.

Bollywood songs and food share a unique relationship. They correlate love with food through the rhythmic lyrics. For instance : Dil ne dastarkhaan bichhaaya, Daawat-e-Ishq hai. How perfectly these songs blend the feel and aroma of love with food.

They rightly say As food is to body, Music is to soul. And Bollywood has successfully brewed music with food.

There is a variety of songs that talk about Indian food, sweets, snacks, and their cultural heritage. How can we forget the iconic song O khaike paan banaaras vaalaa

Khul jaaye band akal kaa taalaa. The banaarasi pan is a preparation combining betel leaf with areca nut.

This manifests that the Indian food culture has remarkable imprints on Bollywood films and their songs. Indian food combines with various emotions that are very well displayed on big celluloid screens. Almost every community in India has a song or music tradition centered on food.

Songs and their music resemble the dishes and ingredients cooked on various occasions. Even this day my grandma sings bhajan praising Lord Krishna while making the divine Prasadam on the auspicious day of Janmashtami. These song traditions don’t just highlight the culinary practices of a region, but also represent the virtues of the people singing them.

My grandma often narrates the memories of her early days and their connection with food making accompanied by songs. Her eyes illuminate evidently when she talks about the musical heritage of her heartland.

Which is your most cherished Bollywood song that imparts the essence of food?

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