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Shubh Bhojanam

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

We Indians are massive admirers of Food and when it comes to Indian marriages it is all about food and celebrations. Significantly. talking about the Indian ceremonies, which are conducted before and after Indian weddings, food and its culture play a vital role. Indian weddings are all about lip-smacking food! The guest might forget the wedding decor or your wedding invitation, but what they will not forget is the delicious delicacies that you offer them on their plate.

Almost every Indian state comes with its trademark dishes accompanied by delicacies from the other part of the country to impart the multi-cuisine flavour to the palate. Traditional Indian food was served on a banana leaf in ancient times and the people use to sit together and relish the authentic treasure. As time progressed, Sit and dine culture was replaced by buffet dining wherein there is a spread of a variety of food items displayed in front of you.

I notice my grandma is usually awestruck with this western culture of dining when we visit any wedding in the town. She often recollects the memories of her marriage and the traditional food culture that they followed during their good old days. Her eyes glitter when she talks about her encounter with food and traditional recipes.

Grandma comments “Fancy Buffets have their charm and luxury, but our Indian sit and eat tradition can never go out of fashion”. And I strongly agree with her. When we say weddings are all about food, décor and celebrations, they should also have a personal touch of our most precious culture and food heritage. There is so much to explore when it comes to Indian Food and its never-ending legacy.

So next time when you visit any wedding try to relish the food authentically to procure its best nutrients and self-satisfaction too. I am sure that sumptuous morsel will lend your soul eternal bliss.

What's your favourite food item on the wedding menu?

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