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Monsoon Feast

An early drop of rain drizzles the earth and spreads its aromatic blossom. Some people live the rainy moment, others just observe it. Rain not only brings life to the earth rather it makes the earth lively. Bliss is witnessing the pouring of those soothing raindrops who are eager to meet the arid land.

However poetic one may get looking at the rain, but Indians and their definition of the ideal rainy evening is a cup of hot tea or coffee and a platter full of mixed fritters or as they popularly called as Pakodas. Indian Fritters are beloved across the globe. Fritters, Bonda, Bajiya, Pakoda, or Bajji are popular not only in households and restaurants but also on the food carts of India. They are acknowledged as one of the best-selling street food of India.

One can find numerous variations of Pakodas in different parts of India. The main ingredients such as onion, potatoes, mixed vegetables, bread, egg, chicken etc are blended with gram flour and spices to make those aromatic Pakodas accompanied with masala chai is the best combination for a rainy day.

Indians love their savory treats, and almost every household has its specialties that they prepare for special occasions. And needless to say a rainy evening with your family is the best occasion to fry those heartwarming fritters. Murukkus, Jantikalu, Chakodi, Chekkalu, Sakkinalu are the best companions for the many households in South India. Also, the hot piping rasam spreads its aroma all over the house.

Steaming hot buttery Corn is an additional delicacy to the list of monsoon food. Corns are steamed and flavoured with different spices to enhance their taste and texture. One also witnesses the cart of maize or corn roasted in sizzling coal and coated with salt and spices is one of the most acclaimed food in monsoon.

The range of food and its taste varies from north to south and east to west of India, but the feeling and longing for monsoon are mutual in every Indian heart.

What is your favourite food for a monsoon feast?

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