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Tasty Tale

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Life tastes like honey-coated lemon candy with some gentle strokes of red chili flakes. As they say, Indians always love their food assorted with Roti, Sabji, Dal, Rice, Salad, Chutney, Papad, and Sweet. I hope I am not missing anything or probably I’m?

I just realized the absence of an extremely significant element in the series of all other food items. “Can you guess what I’m exactly talking about?

Something that has a long history in our Indian food culture. That is preserved by our grandmas for years to get the best of its form. It blends with everything on your plate. It mesmerizes your palate with just a tinch of its presence. Something sour and spicy with a touch of sweetness.

Yes…I’m talking about our very own Pickles. The word “pickle” is derived from the Dutch word “pekel” which means saline. Achar or Pickle is connected to Indian roots and culture for more than 4000 years.

As I unlock the jar of Achar, its aroma transcends me to my childhood days, where my grandma used to collect all these ingredients and aromatic spices. We use to assemble around her as she often uses to narrate a curious tale while blending those lip-smacking Pickles. When I think of pickles, I admire the virtues of experience and diligence of my grandma.

Would you like to share your childhood story with Achar?


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