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Dessert Delight

Indian tradition and sweets are inseparable, they are indulged in each other like the sun and its rays. No Indian ceremonies are complete without the assorted platter of Indian sweets spread with its pride on the table. Some Indian meals are incomplete without indulging in mouth-watering Indian sweets. The vibrant and varied culture of India blends perfectly with the delightful sugary desserts.

These sweets play an imperative role in Indian festivals too. Mouth-watering sweets and Indian festivals are always synonymous. Without savoring yummy sweets, you can’t completely sink into the spirits of jubilation. Just a single bite of an exotic, captivating, and aromatic Indian dessert soars your craving to desire more. No festival in India could be imagined without sweets.

My all-time favorite sweet is Bellam Sunnundalu. Sunnunda or Sunni Unda is an authentic sweet dish from Andhra Pradesh. My Grandma uses to make it in the winter holidays and we all use to gather around her for tasting the first bite of those delicious ladoos. The blend of Urad Dal or Minapappu (skinned black gram) mixed with jaggery, and ghee use to spread its aroma all around the house. Grandma never failed to add her favorite nuts and cardamom seeds to enhance the nutrient value of Sunnunda.

Along with the bellam Sunnundalu, Doodh Peda, Motichoor laddu, Ariselu, Milk Mysore Pak, Madata Kaja always tops the list on various occasions and festivals at our home.

What is your favorite festive delight?

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